Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Articles about Fleet Library at RISD

Where can I find articles about the new library?

Here is a list of recent articles and where to access them:

"AIA/ALA Library Building Awards." American Libraries 38.4 (Apr. 2007): 49-53. Full text available in Academic Search Premier.

Amaki, Amelia. "By the Book." ID: Magazine of International
Design 53.8 (Dec. 2006): 22.
Bound Periodicals, "I". First Floor.

Johnson, Matthew H. "Reconsidering Value Engineering: The Rhode
Island School of Design Library Project." Civil Engineering 77.2
(Feb. 2007): 36-85. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO.
Full Text, color pdf available in Academic Search Premier.

Mays, Vernon. "Office dA." Architect 96.7 (June 2007): 70-77.
Bound Periodicals, "A". First Floor.

"Nine Libraries Named for AIA/ALA Building Awards." Architect 96.5 (May 2007): 24.
Bound Periodicals, "A". First Floor..

Pearson, Clifford A. "Office dA Inserts a New Sensibility within a Historic Shell to Create the Fleet Library at RISD." Architectural Record 195.6 (June 2007): 200-203.
Bound Periodicals, "A". First Floor.

Terry, Carol. “From grand banking hall to the art and design school library of the 21st century.” Art Libraries Journal 32.4 (2007): 11-16.

Van Breukelen, Bonnie. "First-Class Honours." Frame 55 (Mar/Apr 2007): 72-9.

Webb, Michael. "Office Building." Surface 68 (Nov 2007): 149-152.
Bound Periodicals, "S". First Floor.

Weeks, Katie. "Fancy Fleet." Contract 49.2 (Feb. 2007): 54-9.
Art Full Text. H. W. Wilson.
Full Text, color pdf available in Art Full Text.

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